At First Baptist Church of Clay Center, KS, we believe that music is an important element in worshipping our Lord.  We also believe that it should be a unifying agent in congregational life.

While many churches make the choice to have TRADITIONAL and/or CONTEMPORARY services.
We have made the choice to include both traditional and contemporary musical elements in worship.
This enables us to remain ONE BODY of believers UNITED in our WORSHIP.

With this goal in mind, we utilize congregational hymns, praise songs and choruses, the FBCCC Choir, vocal and instrumental soloists.  We also use piano, organ, guitar (occasionally) and recorded accompaniment to provide a variety of styles to encourage all members and attendants to find something musically that helps lead them in worship.

We thank our many instrumentalists and vocalists, as well as the dedicated members of our Music Committee.


GUEST SPEAKER - Jacob Cutshall
Praise Song:Wonderful Grace of Jesus (338:1,3)
Worship Song: Amazing Grace (343:1,2,5)
Invitation / Response Song: Grace Greater than All My Sin (344:1)

Praise Song: Shout to the Lord (CD)
Worship Song: Jesus Is Lord of All (599:1,3)
Invitation / Response Song:  I Give All to You (595:1-3)
Communion Song:  I Surrender All (596:1)

Praise Song: My Life Is In You (CD)
Worship Song: Wherever He Leads I'll Go (598:1,3,4)
Invitation / Response Song: Take My Life (597: 1,6)

Praise Song: Open the Eyes of My Heart (CD)
Worship Song: Living for Jesus (605:1,3)
Invitation / Response Song:  I Then Shall Live (604:1,2)

Praise Song:  Thy Word (CD)
Worship Song:  Wonderful Words of Life (406:1-3)
Invitation / Response Song: Jesus Loves Me (185)